Monday, November 25, 2013

Yes...!!! Sy Dah Dapat Kerja.!!!


This is the most difficult time ever in my life which is i have to choose ONE...
I hate to, and i always hope that im not suppose to facing that..

By the way, at same is a very good news and opportunity that i had dream and it will change my whole life start from now..

The good news is...."Mak!!! kiter dah dapat kerja"...hehehe..

Why "dapat kerja"..
Am i unemployed??
And i'm NOT gonna say it's a promotion or appraisal..

It is because i was apply for the job even though its internal, shortlisted and went to a lot of interview since last two month..
It's very difficult and tough time..
I'm apply the post that i think i like and suit for me and i went to 8 or 9 interview until i feel give-up..
Please imagine that the last time i attend the interview is 8 years ago after i had finish my study, and now i have to face it again..

For the first batch of online vacancy that i applied, i went to 6  over 7 interview..i had rejected one but i forgot why..
Most of the interview is located at Menara TM Bangsar, TM Annexe Bangsar, and 1 interview at TM SME, 2nd Floor PKNS PJ..
After a month waiting for the result and of cos i hope that im selected..
I do call them to enquirer about the interview but they said they will call me back if i'm chosen..
But I'll find out maybe that i had no luck because no one from HR come back to me..sad..

Ok fine...
Then i apply for the second batch of online vacancy advertisement and go thru another two interview..
Same thing goes happen, after two weeks i still didn't receive any call from them..
But the 7th interview i attended was in the same building at TM Bukit Mahkamah which is at 2nd floor while im at 7th floor but we are different unit and cost center and i was hope that im selected. The candidate is only 4 person and i think the chances to win is high (im 90% confident at that time)..over confident..sooo funny, hehe...

And, after that i'm really tired to go thru another interview...
A week later, still no call or news from them..sad and very disappointed..
My friend was inform that if we are selected, they will call as soon as possible..
Let say interview in the morning and we will get the answer as soon as on afternoon or a day after..

Ok fine....
And i went to my 8th interview at Menara TM and everything was fine..
I really hope that it was my last interview..
What had happen..

The interview is on Friday and SURPRISINGLY i got call on Wednesday next week saying that im selected..
Monday and Tuesday is replacement leave for Deepavali and Awal Muharram..
Well..well and so happy..
So i just wait for the offer letter..

Before i receive that offer letter, i try to check back with HR about my 7th interview at 2nd floor..
I was informed that I'm the second candidate, but they have another 1 available post there..the person that i call say that they WILL propose my name..but post is different and i have no idea about that..
I'm just ok..

On Thursday last week, i was received my offer letter..
And early morning on last Friday i received another one offer letter..
I'm surprised and of cos excited..
I feel like "i'm most wanted yooo..."...hehe

I really glad and alhamdulillah, finally all the difficulty is paid..
Even i have to go thru 8 interview and it's WORTH...
The choice is good and not very difficult to choose because i know what i want to be..
I hope that my future will "shining bright like a diamond"...hehe

Sajer jer nak tulis "omputeh"..hehe, padahal english sy ke laut jugak..
Nanti kalo rajin sy share beberapa tips & persediaan interview..

Thanks for reading..


  1. Saya nak tnya dalam berapa hari kite akan tau samada interview kite berjaya atau x di TM ye